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Character 7 is an award winning independent production company, based in London and Los Angeles.

Founded in 2016 by Stephen Garrett, Character 7 nurtures voices old and new, working with established screenwriters as well as with the brightest of emerging writing talent on both sides of the Atlantic.

These days, the barriers between scripted television and story-telling in other media – be it in the guise of cinema, theatre, podcast, graphic novel, book or game – are blurring and fusing in the most thrilling of ways. All that matters is that great stories are told.

"Finally, finally, the BBC has come up with a drama that makes you want to punch a chitz sofa cushion and spray “yes, yes, yes!” through a mouth full of spicy taco. This is what we want Auntie to be for. It reminds us that once we had the best TV in the world.

The Night Manager is perfect British Sunday broadcasting. There is still a producer in the country who can make recognisably indigenous drama that doesn’t involve horses, gravel and flouncing."

A.A Gill